Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your service area?

The continental United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Q: On what criteria are your vendors selected?

Vendors are chosen with one idea in mind: our services are only as good as our carriers. For that reason J&A scrutinizes carriers based on on-time percentage (96% or better), claims (2% or less), commitment to technology, and quality personnel.

Q: How can J&A save me money?

J&A uses the principles of backhauls and freight consolidation to help your company offset the necessary evil of transportation costs.

Q: How can J&A save me time?

By acting as your personal logistics consultant J&A Freight Systems allows you to concentrate on your core competency. Expect your J&A representative to have timely updates for each of your shipments including ETD’s and ETA’s, access to P.O.D.’s, instant accounting information, and immediate quotes. In an employment environment as competitive as today’s, why hire, train, and lose hard to come by employees? Make J&A your in-house traffic department.

Q: What is your policy on freight claims?

As your logistics provider J&A’s OSD (overage, shortage, and damage) department takes the time to file, follow-through, and resolve your claim issues. Fortunately, because claims occur less than 2% of the time, this department has plenty of time to answer all questions as to the status of your grievance.

Q: How can I track my shipments on-line?

By clicking on the following link you will automatically be directed to our shipment tracking portal:
J&A Freight Systems Tracking.