Recent College Graduates

This is the beginning of your professional career.  You can treat it like a sixth year college senior or hone your skills into a valuable commodity.  J&A Freight Systems doesn’t underestimate the seriousness of our future co-workers by attempting to resemble an extension of college.  We are here to help you become a logistics professional, to earn the respect of your clients and colleagues, and reap the financial rewards your chosen profession has to offer.  Commissioned sales representatives make up less than 20% of our staff.  Less competition means more sales opportunities.

At J&A, your sales efforts are not diluted by a draw or minimum commission threshold.  You keep every dollar you earn.  Sure, we wear jeans and t-shirts, play fantasy football, sponsor kick-ball teams and have “dive-bar” happy hours, but these activities do not define our office environment. To be challenged, appreciated, and well compensated are the hallmarks of our healthy workplace.  You can follow the pack and let someone else take command of your future, or you can choose to create your own limitless opportunities.