Flatbed shipments can be a source of anxiety for even the most seasoned logistics professional. Choosing step-decks as opposed to double-drops, or four-foot tarps versus full tarps, securing your valuable cargo with straps or chains; these are all crucial decisions each with their own advantages and disadvantages. With the 2012 acquisition of Airship Logistics by J&A Freight Systems our clients now have access to 20 years and hundreds-of-thousands of driving miles of experience in managing flatbed equipment. Since 1993 Airship Logistics has used its equipment and know how to move oversized loads across North America. Airship’s staff is prepared to help you every step of the way including pricing for permits in all 48 states, securing escort vehicles, and strapping/tarping/loading techniques. J&A Freight Systems allows you to move your oversize shipment with one click.